People know me as Mr Claude, and I take great pleasure in welcoming you to my café.

I grew up right here in Brisbane… My parents, on the other hand, come from a picturesque and bustling little town in Italy. I was introduced to the sophisticated Italian coffee culture at a very young age thanks to my father’s constant ramblings about how ‘good’ coffee should taste. After all these years, I certainly live up to the “like father, like son” stereotype.

Growing up I was lucky enough to visit Italy each year on our family holiday, It was on these trips each year, I was immersed in the fascinating rituals surrounding coffee—drinking water to cleanse our palate before and after coffee, standing up while drinking in coffee bars, and taking coffee breaks or pausa caffès in the afternoon.

Luckily for me, Brisbane has a commendable coffee culture as well. I found myself embracing both the Italian and Australian way of enjoying coffee growing up. The perfect mix was admittedly hard to find, so I decided to create my own. Known simply as, Mr Claude’s Original Blend. 


To honour my memories of growing up, I have built a café that captures Italy’s meticulous way of getting the right fragrance, hue, and flavour, while at the same time offering the perfect laid-back social space that we love here in Brisbane. One thing is strikingly common between both nations—coffee is treated as a way of life.

Allow me to help you experience the ideal blend.



Mr. Claude

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(07) 3236 5289 |  12 Creek Street, Brisbane CBD